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6 Tips to a better telephone system

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

How to get more out of your telephone system:

1) Update your firmware to the latest release
2) Make sure all the buttons on the phone are labeled and programmed correctly. Apply new overlays if necessary.
3) Make sure that you have all the manuals and instructions to administer your phone system.
4) Replace your handsets and coil cords every two or three years or as necessary for good call quality.
5) Make sure that your phone system has adequate surge protection.
6) Install lightning protection on your co lines.
Then of course if your looking at telephone upgrades, or a new telephone system be sure and understand your needs.  Our professionals are here to help provide you with the system you need, not the one we want to sell you.  We are are provide to be a highly rated telephone system provider in Baltimore
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Preventive maintenance is a key to lower telephone system repair bills, a phone system that performs better, and last longer.
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