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cloud based phone system for small business

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

Cloud-Based Phone Systems for small business. We offer various types of IP Telephony so that we can truly help you discover the best solution.



Have you been holding on to your Copper Wire, because you think its better?  You may be shocked to learn a few things about Cloud Base phone systems for small business including the fact that it is superior.   In the next few years, the major Telecom Carriers will not be required to support, repair, add or replace Copper telephone lines!   But, that is okay because IP Telephony has become an impressive system it is no longer VOIP Phone Services of the past.


Digital Voice Lines™


Cloud Hosted PBX

Are you looking to discover the best phone system for your small and growing business to the next level? Whether you are looking for a PBX based system or a Cloud-based Phone System we are able to provide great solutions that are highly customizable to your business needs.  We offer advanced software based PBX systems that offer incredible user-friendly interfaces, ease of use, and great functionality. 

Hosted Telephone installers

An Office with Fewer Limits

Hosted Phone Service Providers

Major System Features

Conference Calling Mobile Phone Integration

Web Browser Calling | Hold w/music 

Digital Receptionist (IVR) 

and far more

We c”I love how I can hide my Cell Number and call out on my cellphone as my office” ~ C. Wagner


Turn Key Support

Unlike many Cloud Phone PBX providers, we offer a Turn Key Solution from programming the phones to configuring how your PBX functions we are an end-to-end provider.   With over 30 year years of experience in small business phone system business, we are able to truly support our clients.  Many major providers ship you the phones and send you to documentation to configure as well as setup your office system.  An office over just a few phones could then require countless hours to achieve a fully functional Office PBX Systems.


Telephone Voice Cabling | Managed Switches






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