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What does “LKD Scout” mean on a vodavi STS ?

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What does LKD 24D Scout mean : (description)

What does IDK Scout

This is a serious alert to you that your system is down/failed and you require an immediate service call by a qualified telephone technician.

What does LKD-24D V0.6J ScoutDX mean exactly?

In all likely hood you have had an internal failure of a component and generally this can not be addressed by inexperienced individuals.   Often it is a  memory retention battery but since this has faulted, all the system programming will also need to be redone.  This system retention battery requires soldering!  Turn DIP switch 8 off and reboot. Wait a minute or two then turn DIP switch 8 back on. Then begin reprogramming the system.

NOTICE:  This is a serious issue – STOP– Call Vodavi Qualified Technicians

 Vodavi IDK Scout

This page is about: LKD-24D Scout DX

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