Telephone Accessories

At Atlantic Business Systems we provide a wide array of telephone accessories for Commercial phone systems.

There are just a few of the products and upgrades we can provide to your phone system. We look of features and options that help you get more out of your business phone system.

Common Items we Install:

Long Range Wireless Handsets for Nortel

Long Range Wireless Handsets for Avaya

Wireless Headsets for Avaya


Paging Amps/sysetms:

We offer the TPU series of Bogen telephone paging amps. These amps are made to work with phone systems and allow for music to be played through speakers when not being used for paging.

Industrial Cordless Phone Sets 

Looking for an industrial strength long-range cordless phone solution? The EnGenius DuraFon Cordless System has phones that offer facility coverage from 25,000 to 250,000 square feet and outdoor coverage from 10 acres to 3000 acres. The system can work directly off of a co line or can be integrated to work with your PBX off of analog ports. Ideal for Nursing Homes, Schools, Hospitals, Factories, Marinas and areas where cell phone reception is poor.

long range cordless phones

Wireless headsets/corded headsets

Whatever happened to those clunky wired headsets? They have been replaced by Plantronics new line of wireless headsets. These are commercial grade with up to a 150 foot range. Typically we sell these with a handset lifter so that you can answer a call even when you are not at your desk.

Cordless headsets

Music on Hold

Systems like InTelliTouch  music on hold

You never want your customers to hear “dead air” when on hold or when the voice mail is transferring calls. We recommend adding a digital music-on-hold player to your system. These units will work on any business telephone system. You can use the generic message or you can have a custom message studio produced with a professional voice-over. You have your choice of hundreds of different music styles to choose from including classical, jazz, country and soft rock.

Call Accounting Systems

phone call accounting systems

Most phone systems have an SMDR report which generates call accounting data. The call accounting software will allow you to collect this data and run reports that help you reduce your communications expenses and prevent fraud and abuse. The network version will run on your internal LAN so you don’t have to go into your phone room every time you want to run a report. Phone System call accounting Systems.



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Long Range Wireless Handsets for Nortel

Long Range Wireless Handsets for Avaya

Wireless Headsets for Avaya

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