display LKD-24D V06J SCOUT DX V1.1 NO SYNC

What does “LKD-24D V06J SCOUT DX” mean on display of a vodavi STS ?

No dial tone  on a Vodavi STS ?  As well as all your handsets dead?


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What does LKD 24D  Scout mean  on Vodavi STS: (description)

What does LKD-24D V06J SCOUT DX V1

*** STOP ****– Programming Issue and/ or  internal error!

Avoid Additional Damage 

 Call – Atlantic Business System we are  –  Vodavi Authorized Technicians 

This is a serious alert to you that your system is failed/down and you require an immediate service call by a qualified telephone technician to get your system returned to working order.  A telephone technician maybe able to give you a temporary work around. ( CALL Vodavi Certified Service provider)

What does LKD-24D V0.6J ScoutDX mean exactly?

Unfortunately if you have NO dial Tone you have had an internal failure of a component and generally this can not be addressed by inexperienced individuals.   Often it is a  memory retention battery but since this has faulted, all the system programming will also need to be redone as battery connection failed or faulted.  Battery replacement required.  Caution, this will erase all programming and revert back to factory default.  Database can get corrupted and cause this display read out. This system retention battery requires soldering!  Turn DIP switch 8 off and reboot. Wait a minute or two then turn DIP switch 8 back on. Then begin reprogramming the system.

NOTICE:  This is a serious issue


Vodavi no dial tone LKD 24D on screen
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error messasge on our phone screen  LKD-24D V0.6F Scout-DX V1.1 OK Sync  error on Starplus STS phones

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